The Vortex Legacy

Vortex Systems excels in creating custom test equipment that certifies aircraft components that meet or exceed customer flight requirements. Our specialized test instruments are designed to replicate actual flight conditions the UUT would see when in flight on the aircraft, thereby providing thorough validation of the safety and performance of the aircraft part.

The foundation of our company was laid by our founder Thomas Wilkinson, BSEE, a US Navy Veteran. His dedication and expertise have shaped our path at Vortex from our early days as a nascent startup to a prominent name in aerospace engineering. Today our expert team of specialists have over one hundred fifty (150) combined years of superior engineering experience.

Our relentless pursuit of superior product design and delivery is internationally acclaimed, as evidenced by our ISO 9001:2015 certification, which has placed Vortex Systems at the forefront of the aerospace industry.

Industries We Serve:

  • Aerospace / Defense
  • Ground Support
  • Manufacturing
  • Overhaul and Repair Facilities

Why Choose Vortex Systems

Test Stand Evolution

In the rigorous world of aerospace, legacy equipment can become a bottleneck. Our team at Vortex Systems specializes in upgrading antiquated systems. By leveraging modern technology and innovations, we breathe new life into older equipment, ensuring that it’s functional and at par with contemporary standards.

Operational Excellence

Every piece of equipment we engineer and install is a testament to this commitment. It’s not enough that equipment merely functions; it must excel in performance, efficiency, and reliability. Our clients know they can use each one of our systems with confidence because it will perform correctly and reliably right from the start. With Vortex Systems on your side, you’re investing in unparalleled excellence designed to help you achieve perfection the first time, every time.

Quality Craftsmanship

In aerospace engineering, quality is not just a priority but a requirement. At Vortex Systems, our craftsmanship speaks for itself through our attention to detail and precision. Each test stand, software solution, and engineering service reflects our in-depth knowledge and the high standards we uphold. With a history spanning over two decades, Vortex Systems has become synonymous with superior workmanship in the aerospace sector because every client receives nothing but the best.

Leading Software

The importance of premier software cannot be overstated in modern standards. Vortex Systems leans on the unparalleled prowess of LabVIEW as our platform of choice. With security as a forefront priority, all our LabVIEW-based software is fortified with password protection, offering tiered access levels for operators, engineers, and programmers. We also ensure that on-site users are fully trained in the calibration of all systems. Partnering with Vortex Systems ensures that you are always equipped with the most contemporary and secure LabVIEW-driven solutions in the aerospace sector.

Worldwide Impact

Vortex Systems operates globally. We have serviced clients in approximately 100 installations in 7 countries ranging from the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Poland, and Abu Dhabi. Our projects are trusted by leading aerospace companies and defense industries everywhere to keep aircraft soaring safely.

Engineering Services

Mechanical Design

Our team conducts comprehensive mechanical component sizing analyses for valves, pumps, flowmeters, & thermal and vibration requirements resulting in a detailed Bill of Material. We specialize in designing turn key test solutions for Pneumatic (Air Cycle machines), Electro- Pneumatic (Cabin Air Compressor, Ram Air Fan, Motor Driven Compressor), Hydraulic, Refrigeration (Supplemental cooling Unit, Cargo Refrigeration Unit), and fuel systems.

SOLIDWORKS is used to design and model each custom piece of test equipment, drawings, and create custom test enclosures and cabinets for your innovative solutions. Furthermore, 3D SOLIDWORKS is utilized for test cell layouts to prevent interference and provide internal building structure drawings for optimal rig positioning and facility layout. We also consult on customer needs for air farm and chilled water facility requirements.

Electrical Design

We excel in designing power and analog circuits and customizing signal conditioning circuitry. Our capabilities extend to fabricating printed circuit boards, as well as creating custom card cages equipped with our in-house designed circuit boards tailored for torque motor, LVDT, resolver, and PWM solenoid types.

Additional Services

Vortex Systems presents a comprehensive showcase of our engineering solutions with detailed imagery that includes front and back views of our equipment. Our additional services include the following:
Vortex systems

Hydraulic Test Stand

Vortex Systems offers specialized test stand solutions for hydraulic components, ensuring they meet rigorous standards for performance and safety.

Vortex systems

Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic Test Stand

Our pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Test stands evaluate air-driven components for compressor and turbine performance per a CMM or Performance acceptance test to guarantee unit performance and reliable operation.

Vortex systems

Vibration Testing

Vortex operates a Spectral Dynamics vibration Slip table to provide customer vibration testing that assesses and ensures the durability and integrity of components under test.

Vortex systems


Vortex Systems provides expert electrical harnesses and custom cabinet wiring, general metal and welding fabrication services, crafting precision parts, and assemblies tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

Vortex systems


With precision calibration tables in our software-automated testing such that, we can fine-tune existing equipment to industry standards and extend their service life as a cost-effective alternative to replacement.

The Vortex Promise

At the core of Vortex Systems lies a commitment to superior design and precision. Each of our creations undergoes rigorous quality control testing during construction until they achieve perfection. We pride ourselves on our prestigious certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and ACM membership, further amplified by recognition from industry leaders and partners worldwide. Our reputation has been earned through years of global service to the aerospace industry’s elite. We guarantee that every offering—a tool, service, or product—will perform as designed.

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