Why vortex systems can help you out

Why Vortex Systems Can Help You Out

Vortex Systems is an innovative aerospace engineering firm that provides comprehensive solutions for businesses looking to improve their operations. With our experienced team of engineers, Vortex Systems can help you out with your aerospace engineering needs. We specialize in software, aircraft component testers, and other ground support...

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What makes vortex systems different from other companies

What Makes Vortex Systems Different From Other Companies

Vortex Systems was founded in 1996 in the basement of our founder, Thomas Wilkinson. Wilkinson had a vision of using his aeronautics experience to provide engineering design services to aircraft companies. Since then, we’ve grown from that basement to a 10,000-square-foot building in Enfield, Connecticut. Here’s what’s made Vortex Systems stand...

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Aviation fuel facts you need to know

Aviation Fuel Facts You Need To Know

Here at Vortex Systems, we know that aviators need to know their aircraft inside and out. We offer a line of test systems for diagnostics and maintenance, to help mechanics know their crafts better. Here are a few facts about what really lets planes get off the ground: their fuel.First and foremost, aviation fuel must meet very strict quality...

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How to diagnose your engine control

How To Diagnose Your Engine Control

The proper diagnosis of electronic engine control systems is essential to ensure the safe operation of aircraft. Engine control is vital to the functioning of an aircraft and controls the thrust, speed, and fuel consumption. Vortex Systems provide multiple types of testers, for jet fuel control, hydraulics, and pneumatics. Malfunctioning engine...

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Why an actuator test stand is worth the investment

Why An Actuator Test Stand Is Worth The Investment

Actuators are used to control the position of parts in an aircraft engine to adjust the performance. An actuator test stand ensures the engines are running correctly. Vortex Systems in Connecticut is a leader in aviation engineering and provides the best services for your aircraft. Investing in an actuator test stand is well worth the cost, as it...

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What can a damaged engine control lead to?

What Can A Damaged Engine Control Lead To?

Are you worried about an engine failure in your aircraft? Paying attention to the signs and symptoms of damaged engine control is essential. A malfunctioning control can lead to severe issues, including decreased engine performance, fuel consumption, engine wear, and failure. Vortex Systems in Connecticut is here to offer expert advice on what...

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4 expert tips on testing your aviation engine control

4 Expert Tips On Testing Your Aviation Engine Control

Aviation engine control testing is a critical part of the aviation industry. Ensuring your engine control system is properly working is essential for safety and performance. As a leader in aviation engine control testing, Vortex Systems in Connecticut has four expert tips to help you test your engine control.This test involves performing an...

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Why our engine control tester should be your must-have

Why Our Engine Control Tester Should Be Your Must-Have

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate way to diagnose engine failure symptoms and adequately execute the engine failure procedure? Vortex Systems in Connecticut has the perfect solution for you — the engine control tester. This revolutionary aviation engine control tester is your must-have tool for all your engine troubleshooting needs....

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4 misconceptions about jfc electronic testers

4 Misconceptions About Jfc Electronic Testers

If you’re in the business of repairing and servicing commercial airplanes, you know how important it is to make sure you’re receiving and distilling accurate information about the equipment you and your employees use. That’s why Vortex Systems is here to dispel four common misconceptions surrounding JFC electronic testers in today’s blog....

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Why we utilize ni labview software

Why We Utilize NI Labview Software

At Vortex Systems, we’re known for making the best aerospace testing equipment available on the market today. A large part of that is due to our intuitive and reliable custom hardware, but the software we use is also critical to the success of our devices. That’s why we choose NI LabVIEW for our products, helping you achieve fast and accurate...

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Is hydraulic testing equipment worth the investment?

Is Hydraulic Testing Equipment Worth The Investment?

If you run a company or laboratory that produces or tests aircraft components, then you’re always looking for ways to boost your efficiency, provide better results, and bolster your profits. New hydraulic testing equipment might be just what you need, and in today’s blog, Vortex Systems is here to share why it’s worth every penny.Whether you’re...

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Pneumatic testing equipment your laboratory needs

Pneumatic Testing Equipment Your Laboratory Needs

Aerospace laboratories are a critical part of the industry as a whole. From developing new aircraft components to making sure old ones are still safe, their services are indispensable. At Vortex Systems, our goal is to provide these laboratories with the testing equipment they need, which includes advanced pneumatic testers. Today’s blog will go...

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What you need to know about vortex systems

What You Need To Know About Vortex Systems

Vortex Systems is a leading aircraft engineering design company that specializes in creating software and testing equipment for the aviation industry. Our team has extensive experience in both the engineering and aviation industries, allowing us to create innovative and relevant solutions. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a few...

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Why you can trust our engine control tester

Why You Can Trust Our Engine Control Tester

The aircraft engine control tester from Vortex Systems is designed to help keep your aircraft functioning properly and to prevent any potential aircraft engine control failures. In today’s blog post, we will be discussing why you should trust the engine control tester from Vortex Systems. Read on to learn more, and if you’re interested in getting...

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Why you should use our jfc electronic tester

Why You Should Use Our JFC Electronic Tester

At Vortex Systems, we offer a high-quality Jet Fuel Control (JFC) tester to help you manage and understand your airplane’s fuel consumption habits. In today’s blog post from Vortex Systems, we are going to discuss the benefits of choosing our JFC electronic tester. Read on to learn more, and when you need a quote, reach out to the team at Vortex...

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4 benefits to using an actuator test stand

4 Benefits To Using An Actuator Test Stand

An actuator test stand is used to test electric actuators, which can be found throughout the aircraft. These devices are easy to use and ideal for troubleshooting electric issues caused by an actuator. In today’s blog post from Vortex Systems, we are going to discuss four benefits of using an actuator test stand. Read on to learn more, and if...

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4 tips while using our jfc electronic tester

4 Tips While Using Our Jfc Electronic Tester

Vortex Systems strives to become the number one systems integrator and manufacturer of test systems for production and overhaul and repair stations around the world. In doing so, we provide the support our customers need to succeed with our products. We would like to share four tips for using our Jet Fuel Control Electronic Tester, as this...

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Why vortex systems is a trustworthy manufacturer

Why Vortex Systems Is A Trustworthy Manufacturer

When it comes to the world of aviation, there is nothing more important than safety. Many manufacturers create the products pilots need to understand their plane and the best approach to keeping things safe while in the sky. That said, there is no better manufacturer to work with than Vortex Systems, and we are here to tell you why! Visit our...

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All about our jfc electronic tester

All About Our JFC Electronic Tester

A Vortex Systems Jet Fuel Control tester is the perfect product you need to manage and understand your plane's fuel consumption. Planes are highly technical machines that require correct care for safety, and testing various aspects is essential for proper flying. We are here to teach you all about our JFC Electronic Tester so that you can better...

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Four questions to ask about the jfc electronic tester

Four Questions To Ask About The JFC Electronic Tester

At Vortex Systems, we provide software and testing equipment to ensure the safety of planes and those who fly them! Our team would like to answer some common questions we get about the JFC Electronic Tester, as this information can help guide you during the buying process. Visit our website to learn more about our products, or contact us today...

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4 common engine control failures

4 Common Engine Control Failures

Aircraft engine control failures are one of the leading causes of aircraft accidents. In this blog post from Vortex Systems, we will discuss four common engine control failures and how to prevent them. We will also talk about how our engine control tester can help you diagnose these problems quickly and easily so that you can stay safe out...

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Tips for checking your engine control module


Did you know that engine control modules play a critical role in the overall function of an electronic engine control system? In fact, they are one of the most important components of this system. If your engine control module is not functioning properly, it can lead to all sorts of problems, including engine failure. That's why it's so important...

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Best practices while using a jfc electronic tester

Best Practices While Using A JFC Electronic Tester

Maintaining an aircraft or laboratory fuel pressure control system is a critical process that must be done with precision and accuracy. To ensure this, it's important to use the best equipment available — like the jet fuel control (JFC) electronic tester. In this blog post from Vortex Systems, we will discuss some of the best practices to utilize...

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The many benefits of using a jfc electronic tester

The Many Benefits Of Using A JFC Electronic Tester

If you're responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of aircraft jet fuel systems, then you know how important it is to use a jet fuel control (JFC) electronic tester. This type of tester allows you to quickly and easily test the performance of your jet fuel control system. In this blog post, Vortex Systems, providers of some of the top-rated jet...

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The purpose of an actuator test stand

The Purpose Of An Actuator Test Stand

An actuator test stand is a piece of equipment used to test electric actuators. These devices are found in a variety of applications, including aircraft control systems and flight control actuators. By ensuring that these actuators are functioning properly, you can help ensure the safety and reliability of your product. In this article, Vortex...

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Tips for first time users: actuator test stand version

Tips For First Time Users: Actuator Test Stand Version

Aircraft actuators are an important part of the flight control system. They help to stabilize the aircraft and control movement in all directions. There are many different types of actuators, each with its own set of features and benefits. If you're looking for a quality electric actuator, you need to know what to look for. In this blog...

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What vortex systems can do for your business

What Vortex Systems Can Do For Your Business

If you're looking for aviation engineering services that will take your business to new heights, Vortex Systems is the perfect choice. We are a leading engineering design company with years of experience in the aviation industry. Our team of experts can provide you with everything you need to get your business off the ground, from aircraft...

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Our engineering services

Our Engineering Services

Vortex Systems LLC is a leading supplier of software and test equipment for laboratories and Aerospace related production facilities. We are committed to staff development and ethical practice, and our mission is to provide safety-critical software and test equipment for the aviation industry. Our company was started in 1996 by Thomas Wilkinson,...

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Environmental testing

Environmental Testing

Vortex Systems LLC was created with a simple mission in mind: to provide software and test equipment for laboratories and aerospace related production facilities to ensure the planes that private individuals and others fly on are safe.We are committed to staff development and ethical practice, which is why we take environmental testing so...

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Why you should choose vortex systems

Why You Should Choose Vortex Systems

Vortex Systems LLC was created with a single mission in mind: to provide software and test equipment for laboratories and Aerospace related production facilities. This commitment to quality and safety has led Vortex Systems to become a trusted name in aviation engineering and aerospace engineering. Our products are used by major airlines and...

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