Is Hydraulic Testing Equipment Worth The Investment?

If you run a company or laboratory that produces or tests aircraft components, then you’re always looking for ways to boost your efficiency, provide better results, and bolster your profits. New hydraulic testing equipment might be just what you need, and in today’s blog, Vortex Systems is here to share why it’s worth every penny.

Is hydraulic testing equipment worth the investment?


Whether you’re manufacturing a new airplane component or verifying the safety of old ones, it’s important that your testing procedures are thorough. However, thoroughness takes time, and that may be time you don’t have. With our industry-leading hydraulic testers, you can increase the speed at which you can run diagnostics, helping your workplace efficiency soar.


To make sure your test results are accurate, one of the best things you can do is limit the number of cross-component interactions. Any new variable is a chance to mess up your data, which is why our team developed the SCU/CRU Final Test Station. This all-in-one testing suite incorporates a supplemental cooling unit and cargo refrigeration unit to make sure you can get all your hydraulic testing results in one convenient, controlled environment.
Is hydraulic testing equipment worth the investment?
Is hydraulic testing equipment worth the investment?


Advanced hydraulic testing equipment might seem like a steep investment upfront, but it can save your company or laboratory countless dollars in the future. Whether you’re removing glycol from a 787’s cooling unit or refilling R134A refrigerant, our intuitive hydraulic testers can minimize the margin of error, saving you from labor costs associated with multiple attempts.


Vortex Systems has been a trusted name in the aerospace industry since 1996 and we show no signs of stopping now. We continue to be a premier supplier of custom testing equipment, from hydraulic testers to jet fuel control (JFC) testing systems. Our experience and expertise are unmatched, so contact us today to discover all that we offer.

Is hydraulic testing equipment worth the investment?

It won’t take long for you to realize what a good investment a new hydraulic tester was for your aerospace enterprise. To get started, get in touch with our team today!