All About Our JFC Electronic Tester

Vortex Systems Jet Fuel Control tester is the perfect product you need to manage and understand your plane’s fuel consumption. Planes are highly technical machines that require correct care for safety, and testing various aspects is essential for proper flying. We are here to teach you all about our JFC Electronic Tester so that you can better understand its true importance for your plane. 

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All about our jfc electronic tester


As an efficient fuel pressure tester, the JFC Electronic Tester offers users everything they need to get the information required for safety in the air. This product works by simulating the plane’s computer system by performing closed-loop control of the JFC in manual or automatic mode. Doing all of that, the system also performs frequency response testing, meeting all CMM requirements.


We wanted to make things as simple as possible with our JFC electronic tester. We have designed the rear panel to use individually labeled, gold-contact MIL-SPEC connectors for each EMID hookup. And with a pressure relief valve mounted on the top, you have access to everything you need.
All about our jfc electronic tester
All about our jfc electronic tester


Most fuel pressure testers require full access to a computer, but our JFC Electronic Tester has a manual mode with no computer access required. With efficiency and ease of use in mind, the manual mode offers the following:


  • Manual front panel operation using ON/OFF and selector switches.
  • Panel meters showing voltage and current levels of EMIDS.
  • Amphenol style connectors on the rear panel for connection to UUT.
  • DCV proportional signals are also provided on rear panel connectors if an external data system requires logging


Software is an important component of an efficient fuel pressure tester, as it gives you access to useful information. Using NI LabVIEW software, the Jet Fuel Control Tester can perform any test our customer requires, and logging of data and custom reports are available.

All about our jfc electronic tester

Now that you know more about our Jet Fuel Control Tester, we at Vortex Systems hope that you decide to make your purchase through us. As a company that truly cares about our customers, we offer you the support you need to succeed!

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