At Vortex Systems, we stand at the forefront of aerospace engineering innovation. As the industry evolves, outdated equipment can hinder operational efficiency and compromise safety. Recognizing this potential pitfall, our team specializes in rejuvenating or replacing legacy systems. Through cutting-edge technology and engineering prowess, we seamlessly upgrade and optimize older equipment to meet and often surpass contemporary standards.

We also ensure that your team is fully equipped to leverage all software and hardware systems developed and manufactured by Vortex Systems to their maximum potential. Our comprehensive training process equips users with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate, calibrate, and maintain the sophisticated systems we develop and manufacture. The advanced software and integrated operator consoles we provide are designed to enhance the efficiency of your facility, featuring user-friendly self-diagnostic capabilities that streamline troubleshooting and ensure seamless operation.

Explore our diverse range of services and discover how we can elevate your aerospace operations to new heights. Our detailed imagery, showcasing both front and back views of our equipment, provides an insightful glimpse into how our innovations can revolutionize your aerospace operations.

Mechanical Design

At Vortex Systems, mechanical design is a pivotal part of our engineering services. Our skilled team utilizes their extensive expertise to carry out comprehensive airflow, fuel flow, voltage, and current analyses, crucial for ensuring that your systems operate at peak efficiency and performance. We are adept at producing meticulous Bills of Material (BOM), which are essential for the accurate tracking and procurement of test stand housings and fuel and hydraulic carts.

When it comes to detailed visualization, our use of SolidWorks drawings stands out, offering clients clear and precise renditions of their bespoke cabinets and solutions. Collaboration is key in our approach, as we work hand-in-hand with our Programming group to refine data, ensuring that the information you receive is accurate and meaningful. Moreover, we don’t just focus on the parts—we also consider their environment ergonomic concerns. Our layout designs for rig test cells are carefully planned to eliminate any interference, while our internal building structure sketches are crafted with a critical eye on achieving the optimal placement of rigs. This holistic approach to mechanical design underlines our delivery of comprehensive solutions that encompass every aspect of the system’s physical framework.

Electrical Design

Diving into the realm of circuits and electronics, our electrical design service stands as a bastion of innovation and customization. Our proficiency shines in designing single and 3-phase power circuits that distribute energy efficiently and reliably, alongside analog circuits that are the lifeline for processing real-world signals. Signal conditioning circuitry is customized for precise modulation and filtration of signals in order to ensure that the data your systems rely on is accurate and useful.

In addition to circuit design, we bring ideas to life through our fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCBs). These PCBs are not just off-the-shelf; they are custom-designed and tailored to support a variety of torque motor and PWM solenoid types, thereby providing a perfect match for specific aerospace applications. Further complementing our electronic design prowess is our ability to create custom card cages which are engineered environments, equipped with our own circuit designs, that facilitate optimal operation and integration into broader systems.


The fabrication services at Vortex Systems are where design meets reality. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce mechanical and electrical parts and assemblies with precision and attention to detail. Whether it’s a small custom component or a large, complex assembly, our fabrication services span a range of materials and processes to deliver end products that can meet any standard. In the realm of fabrication, we specialize in calibration simulation test boxes and breakout boxes, alongside customizable aircraft components and UUT harnesses that can extend up to 60 feet with D38999 series and firewall connectors for comprehensive testing needs. Our 19-inch rack mount chassis are outfitted with signal conditioning boards, and we can provide examples of our expert cabinet wiring and circuit boards. By leveraging our state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities, we offer clients a superior edge in the aerospace industry and ensure their operations are backed by the most advanced, reliable, and efficient tools available.


Maintaining accuracy and performance of equipment is essential, and our menu driven, user friendly calibration tables ensure that your existing systems are not left behind as technology advances. Instead of costly replacements, Vortex Systems offers a cost-effective alternative—precision calibration that aligns your equipment with industry standards, enhancing its accuracy and extending its usable life. This service is not only an investment in your equipment’s longevity but also in maintaining the trust in measurements and operations that are critical to aerospace success.

Hydraulic Test Stand

In the aerospace sector, hydraulic components are the lifeline of many systems, and their failure is not an option. Vortex Systems provides comprehensive hydraulic testing services that simulate real-world stress and operational conditions. We deliver an array of specialized equipment for Boeing 787 aircraft maintenance, including the Recovery Station R134A, meticulously engineered to remove R134A refrigeration fluid from cooling units prior to SCU/CRU rebuilds. Our Charging Station manages the replenishment of compressor oil and R134A refrigerant so that aircraft stand units are filled to necessary levels. The SCU/CRU Final Test Station stands as a testament to our precision, dedicated to the thorough evaluation of the aircraft’s Supplemental Cooling Unit and Cargo Refrigeration Unit. Additionally, the Glycol Flushing Cart is a critical tool in our suite, designed to effectively evacuate glycol from cooling units during the overhaul and repair process, maintaining the high standards of aircraft operation and safety.

Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatic Test Stand

Vortex Systems pneumatic testing services are designed to rigorously evaluate the performance of air / electric-driven components. We deliver an array of B787 aircraft component testing capabilities for both production and overhaul maintenance facilities including Air Cycle Machine, Cabin Air Compressor, Ram Air Fan, and Motor driven compressor to our customers worldwide to ensure efficient operation, which is crucial for maintaining the reliability of the systems that depend on them. From actuators to control valves, Vortex Systems guarantees that every pneumatic component we test will perform consistently under the varied and demanding conditions they will encounter in service. Our Rotative Leakage Cart is ingeniously crafted to pinpoint internal leakages within Boeing 787 aircraft components, enhancing maintenance efficiency. The Portable Air Valve Tester, equipped with intuitive front panel readouts and versatile rear panel outputs, precisely measures resolver positions in degrees and facilitates

Vibration Testing

Components in aerospace systems are subjected to a wide range of vibrations during their operational life. Vibration Testing at Vortex Systems encompasses cutting-edge technology and tools that are integral to confirming that these components can withstand such conditions without degradation or failure. Utilizing advanced technologies like the SD20000 Spectral Dynamics Shaker System and Jaguar Vibration Control System, we can simulate and analyze the impact of vibrations in multiple scenarios. In tandem, the Jaguar Vibration Control System elevates testing standards with a suite of features, including Random Analysis paired with Analyzer Mode, Swept Sine, Tracked Resonance Dwell, and Classic Shock functionalities, providing comprehensive insights into component resilience and performance. This testing not only ensures durability but also aids in improving the design and materials of aerospace components, leading to longer lifespans and better performance.

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