Test Stand Design

Vortex Systems LLC has individually designed, fabricated, installed, and calibrated various large test stands. We have utilized Visio schematics and SolidWorks cad software programs along with NI, formerly National Instruments, LabVIEW software to accomplish these projects.

In other cases, we have collaborated and subcontracted with other Test Stand Design companies and have, in these cases, we have adjusted our rates to match theirs for overseas and some domestic travel. During these collaborations and subcontracted jobs, we have researched what the other companies are charging for hourly rates to see how their rates differ from ours to make sure we are staying competitive in the market.

For the Government contracts we have done timely research to compare our prices to other vendors which are also hired by the government. We evaluate our list of approved vendors and our price list on a yearly basis during our management reviews.

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