Pneumatic Testing Equipment Your Laboratory Needs

Pneumatic Testing Equipment Your Laboratory Needs

Aerospace laboratories are a critical part of the industry as a whole. From developing new aircraft components to making sure old ones are still safe, their services are indispensable. At Vortex Systems, our goal is to provide these laboratories with the testing equipment they need, which includes advanced pneumatic testers. Today’s blog will go over the different pneumatic testers we offer, so you can find the one that’s right for your laboratory.

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Rotative Leakage Cart

Whether you’re talking about your kitchen sink or a $600,000 aircraft component, leaks are almost never a good thing. Locating and fixing leaks quickly is essential for safety and budgetary reasons, but without the right equipment, it can be a daunting task. That’s where our Rotative Leakage Cart comes in, with the capability to help you easily detect internal leakages of 787 aircraft components.


Portable Air Valve Tester

If you’re running diagnostics on an aircraft component, chances are good that it has an air valve or two that need testing. Vortex System’s Portable Air Valve Tester is perfect for the job, with intuitive front-panel readouts and convenient rear-panel connectors. It also features two different torque motor positions, so you can be sure you’re getting the best testing results possible.

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787 Resolver Actuator Tester

Our 787 Resolver Actuator Tester is the true brainchild of our experienced team. It functions by providing a load to the actuator while driving the induction motor from one position to another, thereby allowing you to measure the resolver degree feedback and calculate the slew rate. One use and you’ll be amazed by how much this tester can improve your laboratory’s workflow and results.

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Why Choose Vortex Systems?

Vortex Systems is a privately owned company that supplies custom test equipment for the aerospace industry. We’re highly dedicated to our craft and we have 35 years of engineering experience to prove it. We’re especially proud of our pneumatic testing equipment, but we also offer jet fuel control (JFC) testers, hydraulic testers, and more.

If you’re ready to upgrade your aerospace testing equipment, look no further than the pneumatic testers at Vortex Systems. We make it extremely easy to get started, so contact us today!

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